4G LTE networks providers in Sri Lanka

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2017)
4G networks in Srilanka

4G networks in Srilanka

Now we have 4G LTE network  in Sri Lanka. It’s rapidly developed  in past few years. There are 4 network providers for 4G, Those are   Dialog , Mobitel , Sri Lanka Telcom (SLT) and LankaBell. They are giving Packages based on Data Limit(Ex: 25GB with Bandwith  ) and  Bandwith (Download/Upload speed :4Mbps/1Mbps|Unlimited Data usage).
Unlimited 4G from Lanka bell

But 4G signal not covered by all areas of SriLanka.  Cities and Towns are mostly covered. almost Colombo has full 4G coverage.

1. Data Limited Packages

Dialog, Mobitel,LankaBell and SLT provide based on Data Limited Packages Such as 25GB, 100GB package .

2. Bandwith ( Unlimited Data Usage) packages

Lanka Bell 4G provide based Data on Bandwith limits such as 512Kbps ,4Mbps.

Price of  4G Packages

Price Depend on data Limit , Bandwith and network providers.


I’m using Dialog 4G , It’s Download speed is 40Mbps  ( You can download a 10MB mp3 file in 2 second )

Dialog 55GB data package (27.5GB Anytime + 27.5Night time ) that price Rs. 1400+ tax. more Dialog 4G Packages

Mobitel gives 28GB for 3490 rupees .more Mobitel 4G Packages

Lankan bell 77 GB for Just Rs. 1350 + tax ,more Lankabell 4G Packages

SLT 4G packages


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