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Dialog Upgraded 4G Data Packages

Dialog 4G packages became more Cheaper now. With the high Speed of 40Mbps ,4G packages start from Price of 600/= ( 10GB = 5GB anytime + 5 GB night ) I am Using Dialog  Lite package 50GB ( 25GB anytime + 25GB Night) for 1400/= ( with Tax 1850/= ) ! You have to check the

How to Track my package on eBay

you can check where is your parcel on eBay you can track the item. here is the method Step 1 Go to eBay Find the Tracking Number ( Tracking number available for some package only )   Step 2 : go to Paste your Tracking Number and click Track   Step 3 : Find the

Watch online TV on mobile

Nowadays Mobile Device so popular. mobile device became important in personal Life.  Now  TV also you can watch from Your Mobile Phones. you can watch Mobile TV with Internet and Without Internet. Without Internet TV available on Chinese mobile phone those have antenna. Dialog Introduced mobile TV  application for your Android Phone. you need internet

Cheap Facebook data from Dialog

Dialog provide cheap package for Facebook browsing. More data compare to normal prepaid , post paid packages for money. there are 2 packages available from dialog monthly/Dialy basis. Packages 750 MB monthly 30Mb daily Rental Rs. 50/= Rs. 3/= Activation FB 50 to 678 FB 3 to 678   see more detail about Cheap Facebook

Cheap Unlimited Internet Lankabell 4G

Everyone looks for unlimited  Internet packages. Most of the networks don’t provide unlimited packages. Now Lankabell Offer Unlimited 4G pacakges . Prices are vary. It depended on Download/Upload speed. the packages start from 1Mbps Download speed. price start from Rs 3000/= monthly .connection fees starts from 7500   LankaBell Packages Cocomparison Package Speed Upload/Download Connection

Error solve Your profile cannot be migrated to a page

Facebook Profile to page Merge has some issue now . get Error “Your profile cannot be migrated to a page.” I have asked question from Facebook help community please click link and tumbs up Facebook comunity  please give a thumps up     Error solve issue Your profile cannot be migrated to a page facebook request

Mobitel 3g daily delight Activaion/Deactivation

mobitel gave the 3g daily delight package for the prepaid users. It has 3 different has included Free data ,Calls to mobitel to mobitel and sms. Compare to all three of them , 3G delight package delight 50 package is Cheaper.   3G Weekly Delight 75 You get 200 MB of data which can be