Be Safe on Facebook ! How to Remove unwanted Apps

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2015)

I have seen in facebook there are many sexual content posted with some friends facebook. I’m going to give a guide to avoid those problems on facebook

sexual content on facebook

Sexual content on facebook

How to avoid this spams  ?

here we go

  1. Do not click any link that with sexual content.
  2. do not give permission to unknown apps. see below image
app permission

app permission

How To Remove Apps you already given permission on Facebook .

This method you can delete the apps. if you don’t like games apps like Candy crush you can delete and safe from game request from your friend 😀

Step 1 : Click Triangle button on Facebook

setting button on facebook

Setting button on facebook

Step 2 : Go to  Settings

facebook setting

facebook setting

Step 3 : Go To Apps

Apps tab

Apps tab

Step 4 :  Its shows apps home page

You can directly go here to Apps 

facebook apps

facebook apps

1 : Total number of apps login with facebook

2 : View All apps

3: one of app that I have login

Click Remove Button to delete app from facebook

Remove apps from facebook

Remove apps from facebook

1 : Remove option ( if you want to remove the apps click remove choice )

2: Edit option ( Edit Permissions )

Step 5 : Dialog box shows Click remove the app

Remove apps Dialog box

Remove apps Dialog box


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