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(Last Updated On: January 2, 2016)
All Ceylon Home view

All Ceylon Home view

Last Upadated on 2 Jan 2016

I have seen many site but is best site for tourism guide in Sri Lanka. it has many features. we target all people in Sri Lanka(Sinhala/Tamil/Muslims) and foreigners.

Main Function is Search



You can find place by Categories or by location or both

Find Villages and Postal Codes in Sri lanka.

Tourist Guide for Sri Lanka

Features of

  1. 3 language Support ( English / Sinhala / Tamil )
  2. Categories are : Historical Places, Beaches, National Parks, Water Falls and river, Park and Gardens , Temples ( Buddhist /Hindu/Islam/Christian )and Etc
  3. Easy navigation /
  4. Best Search by Categories or by Location or both
  5. Location Support with google map

Sample View of Hikkaduwa beach in Srilanka

place view in

place view in

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