How to block calls from unwanted contacts

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2015)
Call Blocking Services

Call Blocking Services

Call blocking is good Feature you can block unwanted callers !This available in 2 categories. one is you can block from your Sim Providers ( Dialog , mobitel call blocking -this paid service  ) and other one is block from Phone ( android phone has apps that can blacklist unwanted calls, and from iPhone)

Mobitel Call Block service Activation/Deactivation Codes


To activate Call Block, send a SMS to 2565 or call to #888# from your handset to access the Self Care Menu.
Visit more mobiltel website for more  Detail
activation fee of Rs.10 and a daily fee of Rs.1

Dialog Call Block service Activation/Deactivation Codes


dial USSD code  #107#
type CB & send to 678


type OFF CB & send to 678

monthly charge : Rs.30 + Tax


Other Activation Codes 


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