No data Limits !! Hutch Internet package

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2017)
Hutch Unlimted Data Package

Hutch Unlimted Data Package

Just few days ago Hutch Introduced New Data Package  , packages are suitable for Heavy downloaders   ! No Data Limit ! Data can be used in the  Hours , There is no Data limit !  That’s the cool benefits of this package!

These package can be activated Midnight 12AM to 6PM . that meant you cannot activate the package 6PM to 12 PM.Package valid for Just 1 Day.

Max download speed :3.6 Mbps.
Min upload speed :512 Kbps.

You can download Upto 1.5GB in hour( it depend on you coverage average download 1 GB in 1 Hour)

Now available 3 types of packages.

1 Hour ( No Data Lmit) Rs. 25
2 Hour ( No Data Lmit) Rs. 45
5 Hour ( No Data Lmit) Rs. 70
 30 minutes  Rs. 19
Activation Code *131*6*3#

Hutch unlimited Internet package



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