Dialog Cheapest Internet Day and Night package 55GB for Just Rs 1499

Last UpDated on 16-Aug-2015 It’s good news for Heavy downloaders . Dialog give more data on night time download. But this package only for Postpaid users.  Who stayed Dialog more than 1 year with Dialog Broadband they can request this package without Deposit.   Dialog Download Speed maximum is 14Mbps . Rent monthly Rs. 1499

How to verify Blogger with Google webmaster tool : Basic SEO

hello! this is the important tool for verify your website with Google webmaster tools Step 1 : Go to Google Webmaster tool ( Signup with your google mail “Gmail” ) Step 2 : Click Add Property and enter your website (Blogger address) click continue   Step 3 : then click Alternative Tab   Step 4 : Click HTML Tag and copy the code

Hutch Unlimited Calls at night Just Rs. 25

hutch gives unlimited Calls at night 12 am to 6 am. they charge Rs. 25 rupees for a  day. Activation code is given below . to unlock  by facebook Like or twitter or google plus.   Feel Free and Comment here   Note : this code works after 12 am only & works for OLD

Earn money By Sharing Shorten Links

I am going to explain how to earn money by sharing links . if we have a website or blogger or Download file or Youtube link you can convert into Shorten format then each link when user clicks you will receive money There are many shorten websites. I am using this site  They will pay

Unlimited Free calls for USA and Canada mobile /Landline

Gmail allows USA and Canada free calls to Landline and mobile. You need Internet connection , a Gmail account , Mic and  Headphone for  free call Step 1 : Go to Gmail and Login Step 2 : Left Side bottom there is a call button click it It will appear like below image.   Step 3:  Select

Be Safe on Facebook ! How to Remove unwanted Apps

I have seen in facebook there are many sexual content posted with some friends facebook. I’m going to give a guide to avoid those problems on facebook How to avoid this spams  ? here we go Do not click any link that with sexual content. do not give permission to unknown apps. see below image

you Should not buy Esonic 31 Motherboard Review

I used Esonic g31 motherboard for 2 PCfor  few months based on that I give my review.It’s the worst motherboard i have seen. I bought because it’s Just Rs. 5900 ,with 6 month warranty . I have pointed out some issues there are Lagging /Slow ( It’s Irritating when using  ) Unsupported drivers for windows 8 or windows