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Dialog Upgraded 4G Data Packages

Dialog 4G packages became more Cheaper now. With the high Speed of 40Mbps ,4G packages start from Price of 600/= ( 11GB = 5.5GB anytime + 5.5 GB night ) I am Using Dialog  Lite package 55GB ( 27.5GB anytime + 27.5GB Night) for 1400/= ( with Tax 1850/= ) ! You have to check

Cheap Unlimited Internet Lankabell 4G

Everyone looks for unlimited  Internet packages. Most of the networks don’t provide unlimited packages. Now Lankabell Offer Unlimited 4G pacakges . Prices are vary. It depended on Download/Upload speed. the packages start from 1Mbps Download speed. price start from Rs 3000/= monthly .connection fees starts from 7500   LankaBell Packages Cocomparison Package Speed Upload/Download Connection

4G LTE networks providers in Sri Lanka

Now we have 4G LTE network  in Sri Lanka. It’s rapidly developed  in past few years. There are 4 network providers for 4G, Those are   Dialog , Mobitel , Sri Lanka Telcom (SLT) and LankaBell. They are giving Packages based on Data Limit(Ex: 25GB with Bandwith  ) and  Bandwith (Download/Upload speed :4Mbps/1Mbps|Unlimited Data usage). Unlimited